Patchwork bear sheets consist of 12-3 inch dark colored squares sewn together in 3 rows of 4 squares.  The finished product is traced and cut out to form a bear shaped fabric.  Two sides is enough for the base of a bear.  

Making the sheet:Edit

Bear Fabric Sheets

You will need:

  • A Heavy Duty or Denim sewing machine needle
  • Your sewing machine
  • Small amounts of dark colored fabric in black, brown, grey/silver, tan, and or white.
  • Rotary Items OR scissors and means of measuring
  • Thread
  • Bobin(s)

Begin by cutting 12-3 inch squares in the colors chosen.

More variety of the aforementioned colors and any prints you wish to use are better as this is a sewn patchwork item and squares should not match.  

After you have your squares all cut; sew using a 1/4" seam allowance and double seam squares together.  Sewing in rows is how these are made versus sewing block by block.  

Finishing and Where to SendEdit

Top stitching seams to one side is recomended when sewing these, but not required.  Square up the ends by removing excess and send scraps back with any finished sheets.

If you need a guide or just inspiration please use the pictures in this entry.  


 Please send all finished items directly to: March of the Blanketeers

7 Flowerfield Suite 8

Saint James, NY 11780

Your fabric sheets get traced and cut into these adorable bear shapes.  If you received a kit, please return the plastic baggie for re-use with another kit.

External LinksEdit

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