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TerraCycle is an international upcycling and recycling company that specializes on conventionally "un-recyclable" materials and recycling or re-purposing them into new, green products. TerraCycle rewards non-profits, schools and people for collecting and sending in items which would otherwise be considered garbage through programs called Brigades. Brigades are item-specific waste collection approaches to eliminating waste. March of the Blanketeers participates in a number of these Brigades.

Collecting January 2013- presentEdit

Participation began slowly at first in January of 2013, March of the Blanketeers' very first year around. The first recycling program joined was the late Dairy Tub Brigade. A major collection brigade that held a contest in December 1st, 2014 collected and sent, or delivered, pound by pound of empty drink pouches to March of the Blanketeers Headquarters office in Saint James, NY.  578 discarded drink pouches were collected and sent to TerraCycle using the free-of-charge label provided to brigade members.

Continuing efforts focus on empty drink pouches, Scotch tape, Clif Bar wrappers, and cooperation with the Entenmann company's efforts with TerraCycle to recycle their very own byproduct, empty Little Bites snack pouches. Also collected are used bubble wrap, K-cups from large events, and packing peanuts.  By giving bubble wrap and packing peanuts away to local company's these items are one more step further away from ending uop in a landfill. The newest brigade the Blanketeers has joined is the PUR Water Filter and Pitcher Brigade.

Other brigade waste streams have become more popular for March of the Blanketeers such as the E-waste stream.  By collecting old ink jet cartridges you can help March of the Blanketeers raise funding for the pruchase of materials for their programs.

While we are still on the wait list for a bunch of overfilled brigades anyone with an account who is in the following can collect them for us and send the money once received. The wait listed-brigades are:

  • Frito Lay Snack Bag Brigade
  • Cleaner Packaging Brigade
  • Hain Celestial Snack Bag Brigade
  • Writing Instruments Brigade
  • Nespresso Capsule Brigade
  • Lunch Kit Brigade
  • Glad Food Storage Container Brigade

Also for anyone who is in any of the wait listed-Brigades, March of the Blanketeers Headquarters would be very pleased to provide you with "Terracyclables" for those Brigades. If you have a zero waste box, we would love to help you fill it too!   

Recent Shipments Edit

Solo Cups - 8/24/2015

Participating BrigadesEdit

As of July 2015, March of the Blanketeers is actively participating in the following Brigades: