Who We AreEdit

March of the Blanketeers is a non-profit organization dedicated to comforting ailing infants, sick children and teens in hospitals all across America by donating handmade blankets, hats, cards and teddy bears in an eco-friendly way. When a recipient receives a hat, hugs a bear, opens a card or wraps a blanket around themselves, they know that somewhere a stranger cared enough to keep them warm.

Volunteers contribute by knitting items themselves, donating crafting and office supplies, participating in TerraCycle recycling efforts, and monetary donations are also accepted.

Our Namesake Edit

In the 1810s, England faced economic hardships, food shortages, and oppressive legislation. Among those most affected were textile works and traditional weavers and spinner who were out of work. In March of 1817, civil leader organized and a protest with signed petitions to bring their situation to the attention of the Prince Regent, George IV, beginning in Manchester and ending in London. Each protester brought with him, a blanket to keep warm during the cold nights, thus earning them the nickname "Blanketeers".

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