Who these are for, and why make them:Edit

No-sew fleece blankets are the simplest form of blankets that we accept. They are easy to make and very soft for the recipient  When you go to the craft store only buy enough for one layer. Fleece is very warm and may cause the child or teen to overheat, especially if they already have a fever.

When making these, remember to keep the person receiving it in mind. It's likely that your local craft store employees only goal is to sell you something. They don't know who it's for or what the purpose of your project is (Donating to March of the Blanketeers, hopefully.). Make sure to buy something colorful and cheerful to brighten up someones day. When choosing materials, don't forget about the different tastes between boys and girls, such as floral patterns for girls and sports for boys.

For newborns, 1 yard of fleece will suffice.

Materials Needed:Edit

You'll need:

  • 1 or 2 yards of fleece (depending on what age group you are making it for)
  • Rotary items OR scissors and a yard stick
  • a four inch square (for the corners)
  • a Washable Marker (to mark every half inch)

Starting out with your fleece, fold it in half twice so that all four raw-edge corners are together. Now, using a ruler OR your 4-inch square template cut, out the corners. It saves time if you do it this way. Rather than discarding the corners, you can and send them in to the Headquarters for use in sewing preemie quilts.  

Cutting the Fringes:Edit

Get your yard stick and washable marker (Crayola works best). Unfold the blanket and make a small line at every half inch segment across the raw edges. Do this for the whole blanket. Now starting at the raw-edge, cut at each line four inches long. DO NOT CUT OFF!! These will be the fringe which you will knot individually and not together! Each fringe gets one knot. If you tie them together two at a time, the chances of the knots coming undone and kids choking is higher.  

See the example below:

Fleece Blanket Tutorial

Return blanket and scraps (as well as corners) directly to:

March of the Blanketeers:

7 Flowerfield 

Suite 8

Saint James, NY 11780

Tie an Overhand knot as close to the base of the blanket as you can. Tie each fringe individually and NOT together.

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