Messages cards are a new way for March of the Blanketeers fulfill its mission of comforting children around the world. Most of us are familiar with birthday, congratulatory, and sympathy cards at our local grocery store or corner store.  Though well-meaning and satisfying their purposes, these cards are mass produced without a thought as to their recipients. Blanketeers may task themselves in crafting their own cards with a human touch. You don't have to be a great crafts smith to color or make a picture all you need is a little bit of creativity

The purpose of these cards is as a means of cheering up hospitalized and sick children. With that goal is mind, cards should represent happy things in life and not dwell on illness. Possible themes are Birthday, Inspirational Greetings, Holidays, and general well wishes. "Get Well Soon" cards are prohibited since many of our recipients will unfortunately never truly recover from or be cured of what ails them. All the more reason that the Blanketeers not succumb to fatalism and reach out to children in need.

Green MotB Pinterest Card

Volunteers may craft their own cards at home, but local volunteers may also obtain card kits from Headquarters for $4 - $6 and should be returned after completion. Money raised goes toward replenishing materials for more card kits. To learn more about craft work, follow us on Pinterest at