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March of the Blanketeers has historical significance. In 1817, there was a hunger-march in Manchester, England, petitioning their prince's law, which had caused many spinners and weavers to go hungry. The attire worn was that of blankets on their backs and petitions on their arms. The marchers intended to reach London; only one did! The rest were either sent home or arrested.

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Founded by Samantha DeMato in November of 2012, March of the Blanketeers is a US non-profit whose mission is to bring tangible comfort to severely ill children in US hospitals. Pre-mature babies, newborns, kids, and teens (up to 19 years old) are served with a hand-made blanket, hat, bear or card. Volunteers from all of the world help out this wonderful cause. People from other countries such as Poland even help by contributing their time and skills to produce these items, which will be loved by kids for a very long time.

Samantha DeMato March of the Blanketeers-0

Samantha DeMato March of the Blanketeers-0

FIOs 1 "Heroes on Our Island" segment which features Long Island woman Samantha DeMato, who is the Founder of March of the Blanketeers, Inc, a charity that provides blankets to comfort sick kids and teens in hospitals nationwide.

Currently seeking a physical location for the Headquarters; March of the Blanketeers was originally run from the founder's home in East Setauket, NY. As well as craft items and materials, March of the Blanketeers Headquarters also accepts US Dollar monetary contributions to keep the organization running. All donations, in-kind and those of monetary value, are tax-deductible and can be given in-person or by mail. (If you are sending money, write a check or get a Money Order; do not send cash through the mail.) The Headquarters address is as follows:

March of the Blanketeers

25 Rte. 111 #3172

Smithtown, NY 11780

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As of July, 2015 the craft materials wishlist is the following (in order of greatest need at top):

  • Colorful Fleece Scraps and yards of material in Cheerful Print and Bright Colors
  • Wire Needle Threaders
  • Large-eyed Embroidery Hand Sewing Needles
  • Wound Top-Loading Bobbins
  • Crochet Hooks Size G through J
  • Fabric Paint
  • Large-sized Knitting Needles

As of now we have a lot of full-skeined yarns. If you have any half- or partial- skeins, any yarn scraps at all, we'll take 'em!

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